Matti Nelimarkka

A social scientist with a touch of technology

I'm a Finnish social scientist interested in new media. My interests include online participation, e-politics, social services and mobile systems. In all of these, I prefer approaching the thing from softer, non-technical side, even while I have a background in fast and ugly prototyping and coding too.

My background is in political science, which I studied at the University of Helsinki and computer science, which I've learned at Nokia Corporation and go deeper at the University of Helsinki. Currently I'm working at Helsinki Institute for Information Technology and studying towards PhD in computer science.

My days pass while I sitting next to my computer and think really hard. Things I do vary from programming, data-analysis, writing, teaching and other stuff like that. My current interests are

  • co-located computing
  • computational social science
  • civic technologies
  • education




IRC: matnel @ ircnet

Skype: mattinelimarkka

online presence
  • Work in CSCW rejected :( (2016-07-13)
  • The recent book on election studies, including our research on Twitter, was discussed in Helsingin Sanomat (2016-07-15)
  • Edited book on Finnish election studies has been published by the Department of Justice, including chapter by our research collective (2016-07-15)
  • I'm co-organizing an academic workshop about personal data management and MyData (2016-08-31)
  • A new Academy of Finland project on racisms in hybric media space starts (2016-09-01)
  • Co-authored a work on using mobile devices to interact with public screens (2016-09-01)
Random images from my life