helsinki institute for information technology

I've worked in HIIT since the summers 2009, initially as a summer intern (2009, 2010) and then as a full-time employee (2011). My current interest in live participation systems is supported by the Digital content communities-research group. However I also focus on other topics such as elections and social media, smart spaces, and social network analysis. I'm hoping to leverage my background in political science to develop kick-ass research somewhere between computer science and social science.

My role in our research community is mixed: I do interactive prototypes, support colleagues with their quantitative data analysis, and run experiments to get more data, and naturally publish the results we get. In the Finnish systems, researchers also take part in teaching activities, and I'm active at the University of Helsinki in human-computer interaction topics.

During my internships, I've worked on developing research prototypes of mobile services, studied gamification and playfulness, and worked on user data from social media services. I've also participated in the adoption of real-time internet-technologies at HIIT and examined the limits of web technologies.

nokia corporation

I started at Nokia in 2004 to develop serious games for mobile devices. These games usually had a multiuser aspect in them and they used contextual computing to make those services more interesting. This position was a part-time trainee position in Nokia Research Center's unit focusing on high-school collaboration, and ended in 2006.

I rejoined the same unit in 2007 as an instructor for students. I mentored and managed projects students were working, conducted my own research work and build collaboration relations within Nokia. Some of the projects I worked on included mobile education, sensor technologies development and social media services, both for mobile and for the desktop. Our ways of working focused on developing prototypes and due to most of the workforce in unit being high-school students, mentoring and teaching were an important aspect of everyday work. I resigned in 2011.

Between 2010 and 2012 I helped Nokia's social relations team in child online safety, including own research, review and examination of existing research and commenting on policy documents. This collaboration has continued even after my resignation, as Nokia asked me to join a research project focusing on the safety of children.

lentävä liitutaulu oy

I was the lead developer for an educational game platform Smartfeet from June 2013 to June 2014. My responsibilities included software development, user experience polishing and infrastructure management. My work lead to a sellable product by October 2013 (which we started working on during August 2013) and updated fixes to et during the fall and spring time.

aalto university and university of helsinki

Teacher assistance in basic level programming courses at the Aalto University. The courses were held in Java and later Python. The work included mentoring students, grading project assigments and helding exercise groups. Based on my idea, the programming courses held first official exercise sessions over IRC.

At the University of Helsinki, I TAed social science IT courses, such as statistical computing (SPSS) and web publishing. In computer science, I've TAed both bachelor and master level courses on human-computer interaction and given guest lectures e.g. on mobile interactions and research methods.

I'm also a co-founder of the computational social science study program at University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Science. My teaching responsibilities include basics of programming and advanced computational research methods.