social science

I've studied at the University of Helsinki Faculty of Social Sciences. I majored in political science and minored in computer science and statistics.

My focus was in political institutions, new forms of participation and research methodologies.

My Master's thesis focused on the evolution of online participation of ten non-govermental organizations. It's available in Finnish.

My Bachelor thesis focused on the government officials' views on e-participation and was later published in Hallinnon Tutkimus, a Finnish journal for administration research. Read my original thesis and the rewritten journal paper, both in Finnish.


I studied at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Science. My major was computer science, and two minors statistics and mathematics.

In computer science, my focus has been in software development, human-computer interaction and software project management.

My thesis focused on computational social science.

working towards PhD

My goal is to combine social science and science and experimentally examine online deliberation environments and e-participation.

The Finnish style for PhD is five to seven originally published peer-reviewed papers. Currently following papers have been accepted and may be part of my PhD thesis eventually:

  1. Live participation conceptual work (accepted for DIS 2016, theory contribution)
  2. A Field Trial of an Anonymous Backchannel Among Primary School Pupils (case study)
  3. Threading and conversation in co-located chats (case study)
  4. Deliberation in mediated group interaction

and current manuscripts in progress are

  1. Norms in live participation (CHI reject, Group reject)